Madden Sim Players Association is for those who want as close to a true to life NFL simulation experience as humanly possible. This rule-set is what keeps us in line with that vision. Know these rules and expect your opponents to know them as well. Our staff will do our utmost to ensure everyone abides by these rules, but we can't do it without your help. Please do your part by knowing and following the guidelines below.


This pertains to all league SLACK chat channels

  • Showing respect to your fellow members is one of our most important principles.

  • Be mindful of the things you post. We are all adults here and you will more than likely see some adult language being used. Having said that, remember that when you type in the chat you are a direct representative of MSPA while doing so and any language that MSPA deems as being inappropriate will be removed. Be smart about the things you say because at the end of the day, you will be the one held accountable for them. We won't allow drama in the league chat channels.

  • If there is ever an issue, message your Division Rep or a Commissioner.

  • Please do not post in the #news and #mspaleagueinfo channels. These channels are used to keep our members informed of the latest league news and information, and we don't want them to get cluttered. Feel free to talk about league happenings in the #general channel. 


The league will advance every 72 hours, but staff can add an additional 24 hours if a request comes in time and the reasoning is justifiable.


  • Game scheduling should be done via private message between you and your opponent to keep the general chat open for members to talk about league news, NFL happenings, etc.

  • It is required that you contact your opponent no more than 24 hours past latest advance. If that has not happened, reach out to your Division Rep.

  • Games must be scheduled no later than 48 hours past most recent advance. If that has not happened, reach out to your Division Rep.

  • All games should be scheduled for no later than 2 hours before the next scheduled advance.

  • You must have your games scheduled for a specific time and day. We use LeagueCrawler's Twitch handle to post our games live and that requires us to set up times to stream. Besides, people don't typically like to sit around waiting for someone to hit them up to play a game. Don’t be the “Hey I'm online now if you want to play” after not responding all day kind of guy.

  • When an agreed upon time has been set, post it in the #gameschedules channel in SLACK, so members know when they can tune in to your game.

  • Be on time for your game. If you are going to be late, send your opponent a message. Be respectful of each other’s time. They may have other things going on and with games taking over an hour to complete, being on time makes a big difference.

  • If you and your opponent need more time, and you have followed the above rules for making contact and scheduling, reach out to your Division Rep with a request to hold off advance. We will NOT be doing this more than 24 hours past the scheduled advance time.


  • In the pre-game screen, show your opponent your playbooks before readying up.

  • No custom playbooks are allowed.

  • All coaches are expected to use their team's base offensive and defensive playbooks during the first season of each Madden cycle at a minimum.

  • After season one, and any season thereafter, you may request to change playbooks – see section titled “CHANGING PLAYBOOKS / MSPA COACHING TREE” below for details.


Home team chooses jerseys first and visiting team follows suit. One team must wear light and the other must wear dark.


  • The away team is to use Twitch to broadcast their game each week. Madden doesn't provide much of a "home field advantage". Having the away team streaming can create a slight advantage for the home team, as it is typically easier on their connection, and they don't have to see the distracting Twitch interface on their screen.

  • Post the link for your stream in the #general chat channel, along with the teams in the match-up.

  • If you are streaming with audio/webcam to receive tokens, you must also post your stream link in the #cam-audio channel in Slack to receive credit.


  • All disconnected games should be brought to your Division Reps attention with quarter, time, and score before the game is replayed.

    • Make sure to provide a screenshot displaying this information.

  • All disconnected games should be replayed if possible.

  • If unable to agree if a game should be replayed, or if there are time constraints, bring this to your Division Rep and they will make the decision and it will be based on these guidelines:

    • Disconnect prior to half (unless a sim force win is agreed upon):

      • Game should be replayed if possible

      • Optional: If one team had a lead of any sort, they can be given free play at the beginning of the new game to give them that lead back. Example, up by a touchdown allow use to score without obstruction on the first drive then play as usual for the remainder of game.

    • Disconnect after the half but before the 4th, if a team is up by more than 2 scores (17+)(unless a sim force win is agreed upon):

      • Teams have the option to play the remaining time of the game with scores the same as they were when game disconnected.

    • After midpoint of 4th, if a team is up by more than 2 scores (15+), team winning gets forced win.


  • You should only play the CPU when your opponent is unavailable to play, and has let you know its okay to play the CPU.

  • Once you receive said confirmation, your opponent will be placed on auto-pilot.

  • Users may play the CPU as many times as they like, or take a straight sim with injuries off.

  • CPU games should be handled just like playing a human opponent.

    • Human player must follow broadcasting rules.

    • Do not try to pad your stats.

    • Do not try to run up the score

    • No Super Sim is allowed - the entire game must be played on offense and defense.


You are allowed a maximum of 3 simmed games per season. Communicate with your Division Rep prior to setting yourself on auto-pilot.



No exploiting game AI in any way. This is on each member’s personal honor and integrity. Please do not use nano blitzes, money plays, or any known glitches (example: rocket catch, east/west straight line running, A button mash tackling etc). Play with dignity and the satisfaction that comes from a win is much greater.


This should go without saying, but you are not allowed to let anyone but yourself play your team’s games. You, the one who signed up, is an active member of MSPA, and is assigned a specific team. No one else in league can play for you, No one else in your home can play for you, your best buddy down the street cannot play for you.



The user is required to control a player when on offense and defense. Allowing the computer to control your player and make tackles or runs for you is not permitted. Be a competitor and hone your skills.



  • Quitting games is not allowed. We expect all members to play a full sportsmanlike game within the rule set. Even if you are losing your ass in a game and raising the white flag, you are expected to complete the game in a sim fashion. They don't quit in the NFL, and as a sim league, we don't either.

  • This includes kneeling any time before the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter when you are the losing team.

  • Purposely disconnecting in the middle of a game is strictly prohibited.





  • Develop game plans and unique strategies weekly to employ against your opponents and try to keep game plans varied and realistic. Learn to throw a full route tree on both sides of the field. Be creative, try new things; it's more fun! Don't forget to utilize a variety of formations as well.

  • You should be running a minimum 15 times from the RB/FB positions per game on average, over any 3-game period. It is understood there are games in which running was not a good option, and therefore a coach may not meet running requirement for 1 game. However, it is expected that a reasonable attempt is made to run the ball as any NFL team would. Strive for 40% or more of your total plays to be run plays.

  • You may not call the same offensive play more than one time per half. This does NOT mean you can’t run two dives in one half. You can run 8 dives in one half if you are running them from different formations.



The use of the goal line formation is reserved for situations where the user is inside either 10-yard line or if the 'To Go' yardage is inches.



The offense is limited to a maximum of 4 pre-snap adjustments per play, as outlined below:

  • Allowed once each per play:

    • Play flip

    • Offensive line shift

  • A maximum of 2 combined changes allowed per play, consisting of:

    • Audibles

    • Hot routes (hot routes to blocking assignments do not count)

    • Motions


  • During a game, you may not call any particular hot route more than 3 times. For example, you can hot route a WR to a post route 3 times in a game, and also to a slant route 3 times in a game.

  • You may hot route to blocking assignments without limit.



  • When the offensive team sends a player in motion the ball may not be snapped until the receiver is set, unless it's a designed motion play out of the playbook.

  • If you audible or flip play, do not quick snap directly afterwards (in the NFL it takes a second for the audible to register with the outside receivers), give your opponent a moment to have time adjust.



  • You can run no huddle offense at any time in game if it is realistic and makes SIM sense.

  • You may run no huddle a maximum of 3 times in a row before returning to huddle, no matter the game situation.



  • If you are on your side of the field (yard 1-49), you must punt, unless you are down by 17 points or more. Be realistic in your approach to this rule.

  • If the ball is on the 50-yard line or anywhere in your opponent’s territory and it's no greater than 4th and 1, you can go for it. This can occur only if you are losing, the game is tied, or you are winning by 2 points or less.

  • In the 4th quarter, if you are behind by 4 or more points, you can go for it on 4th down anywhere on the field. Once again, be realistic in your approach.



A team can go for it on 4th down outside of the normal rules once per game, given that they meet these criteria:

  • Cannot be winning by 17 points or more

  • Must be at your own 40-yard line or greater

  • Must be used in a simulation manner - this is not a free ticket to play lobby ball



You may attempt a maximum of two 2-point conversions per game.



This should only be used when winning in the 4th quarter to close out the game or half by grinding out the clock. This rule will be based on the good faith of all MSPA members and are expected to play games in a realistic fashion.



Try to mirror what an NFL team would do when they have a big lead. Switch to a conservative game plan. Protect the ball on offense by running and playing solid defense. This does not mean you have to run the ball vs a stacked box. This means that if you break something, you go down right after the 1st. Throwing deep and big runs should be a no-no during this part of the game. Continuing to throw the ball deep late in the game with a big lead is unnecessary and is poor sportsmanship. Scores should be realistic. Use your best judgement based on the situation, opponent, etc.



An NFL Quarterback goes through his natural drop back then gets rid of the ball, steps up/maneuvers in the pocket, or scrambles to avoid pressure/buy more time/run with the ball. Do not drop straight back more than 10 yards. Realism is the key.



The NFL interception record is 42 and that is our limit for each season. You must bench your QB for the remainder of the season as soon as you throw #42. He will be eligible to participate again in the playoffs in the freak situation you make it there.



  • Wait for your opponent to pick an offensive play before selecting your defense.

  • Mix up your play calling with man, zone, and blitzes. Coaches should be calling a 70/30 ratio of either man or zone. So, if you like zone defense, you can call 70% zone, but 30% better be some variation of man defense.

  • Allowing the computer to pick defensive plays is prohibited.

  • While we do not require you to match the offense's personnel (for example, 4 WRs vs 4 CBs), we will be checking to see if you are playing strategic, situational football. Sitting in nickel or dime all game when it doesn't make football sense is simply cheating yourself and your opponent out of a fun and challenging game.

  • You should not be calling Quarters formation defense in the red zone when the offense has called a typical shortage yardage offensive formation. This is considered abuse of the Madden A.I. Unfortunately, in Madden, the Quarters package is sometimes effective against the run. In real life it would not work like that, and the only reason you would be doing this is either 1) you are aware of the flaw and basically "cheesing", or 2) you do not understand football.

  • You must always have a minimum of 3 rushers. Three man pass rush should be used sparingly like what you see in a real NFL game which is about 5 or fewer times a game.

  • You may only move one player on defense prior to the snap. You may not move a player inside of the DE’s. If you are moving a player to the line of scrimmage, he must be at least a foot outside of the DE in a 4-3 or the OLB in a 3-4.



  • There are no limitations on shifting entire defensive groups.

  • The user can manually move one non-defensive lineman prior to the snap.

  • You may only audible edge rushers, LBs, and S to spy the QB


  • When manually controlling a defensive player, you must carry out that player’s defensive assignment.

  • Usering DL players is only allowed at max once every 4 plays, or once every set of downs.




When receiving a kickoff or punt, you may only control the returner. Controlling a blocker is not allowed.



The ball should not be punted out of bounds unless you are attempting to pin it within the 20 or kicking it out of the back of the end-zone. We should not be seeing users punt out of bounds every time to keep their opponent from having a return opportunity.




Once per game, a coach may attempt either an onside kick, fake field goal, or fake punt.



In order to ensure all roster's meet requirements, each coach needs to have the minimum amount of players per position as outlined below:



  • 2 - Quarterbacks

  • 3 - Running Backs

  • 5 - Wide Receivers

  • Tight Ends

    • 3 - if you have a fullback

    • 4 - if you do not have a fullback

  • 3 -Tackles

  • 4 - Guards and Centers

  • 1 - Kicker

  • 1 - Punter



  • 4 - Defensive Ends

  • 4 - Defensive Tackles

  • 4 - Outside Linebackers

  • 2 - Middle Linebackers

  • 4 - Cornerbacks

  • 3 - Safeties



  • 4 - Defensive Ends

  • 2 - Defensive Tackles

  • 4 - Outside Linebackers

  • 3 - Middle Linebackers

  • 4 - Cornerbacks

  • 3 – Safeties





  • QBs play QB

  • FBs play FB-RB-TE

  • HBs play HB-WR (Backup FB)

  • TEs play TE-FB

    • You cannot have a WR as your 3rd TE on depth chart.

  • WRs play WR-HB

    • You can put a TE or HB in your 4th WR position but no higher. Your top 3 WR's have to be WR's.

  • Ts play T-TE

  • The O-Line is interchangeable, any lineman can play any line position.



  • MLBs and OLBs in a 4-3 are interchangeable

  • DEs and DTs are interchangeable on the defensive line but be smart. Understand the position and make moves that make sense. The player should fit the size and weight of said position and the defensive scheme should work for the type of player they are. You’ll be more at a disadvantage if these things are not considered.

  • CBs can play CB. A CB may only play S if approved by a Division Rep or if your playbook calls for it

  • S can play CB

    • Manually moving a Safety into a Linebacker position is prohibited, unless the defensive formation by design is setup that way (some Dime and Nickel defenses may have this). The reasoning for this Safety restriction is that safeties generally have greater speed then linebackers, and usually players user linebackers. Despite being poor in the other abilities that make good linebackers, when usering that player, it doesn’t matter and may give said user an unfair advantage based on how Madden game mechanics work.




No moving players in and out of the starting lineup in order to try to gain extra XP for non-starters in game planning.


  • If you ever want to change a player's position, you must clear it with your Division Rep first. This helps staff keep track of the leagues personnel in case it needs to be voted on.

  • Safeties are not allowed to be moved to Linebacker positions, unless they meet these criteria:

    • Speed 87 or less, 220+ weight, 6’1 or taller in height. This type of change will need to be approved by your Division Rep.

  • Editing player's positions to maximize XP gained is not allowed.


  • QB, P, and K: 1-19

  • RB and DB: 20-49

  • WR: 10-19 and 80-89

  • TE: 40-49 and 80-89

  • T and G: 60-79

  • C: 50-69

  • Interior D-Line: 60-79 and 90-99

  • Edge Rushers and LB: 50-59 and 90-99



The Token System was created as a way to bring all kinds of new and entertaining content to the league. In MSPA, you will be paid in tokens for writing articles, producing podcasts, YouTube videos, or general work for the league. With these tokens you can purchase numerous types of player upgrades.



  • You can earn up to 30 tokens per season.

  • An article is worth 2 tokens and is considered at least 16 sentences that provide insight to a user’s team. It must be done in at least 3 separate paragraphs but can be as long as a user would like.

  • If your article is considered strictly a game recap (“My quarterback threw for 300 yards and 4 TDs, so we won”), it will count as 1 token. If you include some quotes or creativity, you will be awarded 2 tokens.

  • All podcasts and videos will equal 1 token per 15 minutes of content (a 30 minute podcast/video = 2 tokens)


For more information, make sure to visit:




Twice per Madden cycle, MSPA allows our owners to pick one player from their team to upgrade to current Madden roster ratings. This typically happens after the week 8 and week 17 Madden roster updates.




In our first MSPA season of each Madden cycle, we account for all real-life suspensions that have occurred in the NFL.




MSPA Staff Reserves the right to act as player's agents. We may enact, redirect or terminate roster moves (signings, trades, etc.) that are deemed unrealistic or that need to be reworked.


  • Signings should be based off needs and not wants.

  • During the season and after getting approval from your Division Rep, you may only sign a FA/poached practice squad player to replace a player that has been injured for an extended length of time (4 weeks or longer, season, or IR). If the injury is not long term we expect you to use your backups and practice squad players to fill injury needs. That is what they are there for. So if you are picking up someone from free agency (after you have been cleared to do so), it would be in situations where you are low on backups and still in contention of a playoff run.

  • No putting a player who is only on short term injury of 6 weeks or less on IR just so you can pick up a better player in FA.

  • If you mismanaged your roster during the off season and failed to pick up the minimum required players, you will only be allowed to pick up the lowest overall rated player in that position. We have a regular free agency, a full draft, and a supplemental to pick up the players you need so you should never been in this situation. If you are new coach taking over from a previous coach and there are roster problems, your choices can be discussed with your Division Rep.



  • If there is a real-life FA signing/re-signing with your team in the NFL, you may resign that player at any point of the season to the exact terms of the real-life contract.

  • Make sure that the years and money are identical to the real-life contract. If you’re not sure what the particulars of the contract are, ask your Division Rep for help.



  • All players 84 or lower may be re-signed during the season if offered 100% of what their asking for. If you don’t want to pay them what they are asking for, you must let them hit Free Agency, where you may attempt to sign them for less.

  • If you want to re-sign players during the season with overalls of 85+, you must offer them a max contract for their position (explained below).

  • If you want to re-sign players with overalls of 85+ but don’t want to offer them a max contract for their position during the season, you must let him hit Free Agency to test fair market value in the annual MSPA Silent Bid Auction. At the end of the silent bid stage, you will get the option to match the best contract offered to the player you wanted to re-sign. If no offer was given out, you may give the player the deal he is asking for.



  • What is the Max Contract for each position? Here at MSPA, we don’t necessarily believe in the way Madden does its Free Agency process. They will tell you that because your player is 87 overall, he is worth ___ amount of dollars. But as fan of sim football, we know that’s not how it works. That player is paid on how good he is and what someone else would be willing to pay him. Madden does not give us the opportunity to test for fair market value, so we created our own process.

  • With the way ratings have spread out, players who are 85+ overall have become coveted pieces in everyone’s quest for a championship. Because of that, we want to see those players paid exactly what your fellow leaguers would pay. Enter Max Contracts.

  • At, you can find the highest paid contracts per year average, by position. We are expecting you to utilize this website to form top contracts. For instance, if I wanted to re-sign my 85 overall HB to a max deal, I would:


  • Go to the website listed above

    • Click Halfbacks

    • Click Average Salaries

    • Find the top one. That will be the max amount of dollars my HB can average per year.

    • Go back to my Madden re-sign screen and see how many years my Runningback wants.

    • Put a package together that will pay him the top average per year with the amount of years he wants.

    • Send it to my Division Rep for approval.

Get the feedback from my Division Rep and act accordingly.


  • Every player that is signed during free agency or re-signed outside of free agency must be given bonus money equal to at least 30% of the base salary.

    • Example: Player A is making a base salary of $1,000,000 per year. He must be given $300,000 in bonus money, bringing his total compensation to $1,300,000 per year. This is because in Madden the bonus money is the guaranteed money. This ensures teams cannot sign players like AJ Green to a 3-year, $50 million contract with a $100k bonus, allowing the team to cut him and his huge contract at any time with very little penalty.

  • You can offer more than 30% if you wish.

  • To find 30 percent of a number, multiply that number by 0.30.

  • One-year contracts are excluded from this rule.

  • 69 or below overall players are also excluded.


  • MSPA Annual Silent Bid Stage: Users can submit silent bids on players 80 or higher during this stage. Players Agents will be determined before this time starts. You’ll have 24 hours to get your bids in.

  • Free Agency Stage 1: offers must account for 100% or more of the money the player is asking for.

  • Free Agency Stage 2: offers must account for 75% or more of the money the player is asking for.

  • Free Agency Stage 3: offers must account for 50% or more of the money the player is asking for.





  • In MSPA, we have a Trade Committee consisting of 5 members. These 5 members discuss every trade that comes through MSPA doors. A trade can not be passed without approval from the Trade Committee. Some things they look for when discussing a trade:


    • Does the move make financial sense for both teams?

    • Does the move make logical sense in each teams timeline?

    • Does the move make systematic sense to each teams roster?

    • Does each team improve by the trade being done?


  • These 4 questions will spark the conversations our members have. If they do not come away from that conversation feeling like those were successfully answered, it’s more than likely your trade is going to be denied.

  • The committee uses a trade calculator to help them gauge the merit of potential trades. The calculator provides a point value for every player/pick involved. In early seasons, the total point value of trades for each team should generally be within 50 points of each other. Keep in mind, the trade calculator reading within 50 points does not guarantee a trade will go through. Towards later years, those numbers will change based on picks being devalued.

  • Once the Trade Committee has approved/declined a trade, both teams will be contacted with results of trade.



  • In season one, if you were a part of MSPA as it ended the previous Madden, you are permitted to make one trade as a thank you for playing and completing the journey with us during the Madden down time.



  • The trade deadline is week 9. No trades can happen once your week 9 game has been played and there cannot be a trade with a team whose week 9 game has been played.

  • There is a max of 3 trades per season that involves players.

  • You can make unlimited trades involving draft picks only.

  • You may only trade (draft pick or player) with a team once per regular season until the off-season.

  • No player may be traded twice in the same season.

  • Free agents signed by an owner may not be traded until the end of that football season.

  • We may require members to execute trades that are made in the real NFL. We do this to maintain the integrity of MSPA and uphold the strategic side of front office team building.

    • Free agents that were signed by the real NFL team can not be traded. This is done to prevent teams from signing players as trade bait.



  • You can make unlimited trades involving draft picks only.

  • Teams can trade draft picks up to 1 year in advance. As an example, if you are in the 2018 offseason, you can also trade 2019 picks.

  • 1st round draft picks can not be cut or traded until the 2nd year of their contract.

  • 2nd - 7th round picks can be traded or cut at any time.



  • You do not need to be authorized prior to promoting practice squad players to your active roster.

  • Once a practice squad player is signed to an active roster, they must remain there for the remainder of the season, or be cut from the team entirely. No bouncing players back and forth. If you think you have a legit reason to move a promoted practice squad player back to practice squad prior to the end of the season, you will need to get that move authorized by your Division Rep.

  • 1st through 3rd round draftees (players with high bonuses) should not be put on practice squad for their 1st season. If you do this, you will not be allowed to re-sign them back to active roster until the following season. If for some reason, you have a legit case to need to do this, contact your Division Rep for approval, and then they will adjust the player's contract back to it's original amount.

  • You can not cut one practice squad player to replace with another.

  • Once the initial 10 practice squad spots are filled, you can only add another player to the practice squad when one of them has been promoted to the active roster

  • During Preseason week 4, you may only add players you cut to your practice squad. If by the end of those cuts, you do not have all 10 spots filled, the CPU will fill them at advance.

  • You are not allowed to poach practice squad players from another team, unless you are putting them on your active roster. No poaching from one practice squad to another practice squad.

  • Before poaching a player, you must contact their current team and give the owner an opportunity to sign that player.

    • At the time you send your message, the opposing team has 24 hours to respond.

    • If the other owner chooses to keep said player, that owner must sign the player to his/her roster before their next game.

    • If either is not done, the player is eligible to be moved to the player attempting to poach.



MSPA has decided to follow the NFL and have a “Coaching Tree”. What this means is that in MSPA, we look at the playbooks as Offensive and Defensive Coordinators and each year we want to give those coaches the opportunity to move into a head coaching job. Here’s how it works:


  • Option 1: At the end of the season, you elect to keep both of your playbooks. This can happen even if one of your “coordinators” is hired to be a head coach (one of your books is drafted in the playbook draft). This option keeps your head coach and his books intact. If another team were to hire one of this coaches’ coordinators (draft this teams playbooks), this head coach has chosen to promote within and keep his books the same.

  • Option 2: At the end of the season, you elect to keep one of your playbooks but get a different book for the other side. This option has you keeping your Head Coach but allowing him to rebuild one side of the ball schematically. With this option, let your Division Rep know you would like to be added to the Playbook Draft and will be drafting one playbook and keeping the other.

  • Option 3: At the end of the season, you elect to fire your Head Coach and get a different book for both offense and defense. With this option, let your Division Rep know you would like to be added to both rounds of the Playbook Draft and will be drafting two playbooks.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a playbook has been drafted, it is not available again for 2 seasons! For instance: If the Saints offensive playbook is selected in OFFSEASON 1, it is not available again until OFFSEASON 3.



We will not let anyone jeopardize the integrity of our league. It is the duty of our Division Reps and Commissioners to keep MSPA respectable. No favoritism is shown in MSPA and all coaches are treated fairly.


  • We encourage members to voice rule violations any time a rule violation has occurred or any un-sim experience you run across.

  • If the rules have been violated, please address the violating coach in a mature, professional manner to discuss it privately first.

  • If you cannot resolve the problem together, notify your Division Rep for resolution.

    • Make sure to have hard evidence that a rule has been violated.

      • What works best for the staff is if you mark the time and quarter of the game infraction(s) occurred so it can be reviewed quickly on Twitch.

        • We cannot hold members accountable if there is no video evidence from game clips, a Twitch replay, a cell phone video, or a member's screenshot. Without evidence, your complaint is a "he said, he said" situation and becomes too difficult to make a sound ruling.

  • Do not wait until an opponent reports you first and then report your own rule violation.




In the past, we have had members who use the rules to their advantage, essentially cheating the other members. If you are caught doing things that aren’t rule breaking in nature but are deemed as doing things to gain an unethical advantage/disrespect other member; you can still face consequences.



The worst part about being on staff is handing out consequences for broken rules. I’m sure that’s better than getting the consequences for broken rules though.


  • Each rule violation is handled on a case by case basis.

  • The consequences we use include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

    • Suspension of key players

    • Forfeiture of upcoming draft picks

    • Removal from MSPA

    • Ban from MSPA

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